Here is the first part of my guide to add Document Preview in SharePoint 2007 and Silverlight 3 to preview them.

To achieve this, I’ll be using these technologies/components (more will come):

  • Silverlight 3.0
  • SharePoint 2007 (either WSS 3.0 or MOSS)
  • Microsoft SharePoint SilverView (available on CodePlex)
  • Windows Communication Foundation

The big picture (subject to updates along the posts):


So, We’ll take a standard SharePoint architecture and extends it to generate Document Preview and allow Silverlight to upload files to a document library.

Things we’ll do:

  • Add some WCF in SharePoint
  • Extend the Microsoft SharePoint Silverview sample to get thumbnails of Documents in SharePoint
  • Create Document Preview of (at least) Microsoft Office Documents


What are new in that big pictures ?

  • Thumbnails Service WCF
    • Allow Document Preview generation
  • Upload Helper WCF
    • Enable Silverlight application to upload file to a document library (we’ll review why i choose this way)
  • The extended Microsoft SharePoint Silverview


In the next post, I’ll briefly introduce Microsoft SharePoint Silverview and extend it to handle more than Image preview.